The Stream is Deep

Episode 412

A lot of cord cutters are standing around scratching their heads wonder what the hell just happened? Netflix, within their corporate greed decided to raise their rates. It is kind of a hard pill to swallow. Even though it’s just a couple of bucks, $3.6 Billion a month is clearly not enough for this company. The rate hike bit them in the ass, too. Just this week, their stock price dropped 41%. That’s a bunch. Some estimates claim they lost $20 Billion in a matter of a few hours. How greedy must you be to put out shitty programming for that kind of money? Also in this episode, Ric explains what happened when I guy got killed near the Radio Memphis parking lot. He caught a train. Apparently, he came a part over the whole thing.

NEXT WEEK: Cryptocurrency Is Not Fun Anymore

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