The Unravelling of An Idiot

Episode 268

One of the beautiful things about The United States of America is the ability for all of us to be critical of those who bring us the news. Of course, “news” can be defined in all sorts of manner. In this episode, Ric takes a look at what has been happening with Alex Jones of Infowars fame. He’s currently being sued by some family members of those who were killed in the Sandy Hook school shooting. Jones, in the past has claimed the shooting was “staged” and was nothing more than a “false flag” for reasons you’ll soon hear. The end result was Jones’ followers who had been hounding the parents of those children who died. But the real story here seems to be the incessant pointing of the finger at what Jones calls the “main stream media”, whoever that is. There is a bit of a warning here, some of the audio you are going to hear is a bit difficult to listen to.

Additional audio courtesy Katie Mettler of The Washington Post and Kaster, Lynch, Farrar & Ball, LLP.

NEXT WEEK: Was SNL ever relevant?

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