Time Out. No Sports.

Episode 323

Sports is entertainment. And a bit more. Right now, as society lays low (for the most part) and there people trying to find some sort of entertainment to help pass the time, one of the major factors in that equation is the world of professional sports. With even that world shut down, what is the impact of that having on our current situation. To be fair, not much. But even that answer depends on what side of the field you sit on. There are those who think this is the worst thing to happen to society than the illness itself. And then there are those who seem the absence of this form of entertainment means very little to them or to anyone at all. Somewhere in the middle is where the rest of us are. In this episode, Ric takes a look at this missing slice of entertainment and wonders just how much of an impact the world of professional sports has on society in general.

NEXT WEEK: Your televangelist called, he said Jesus needs your stimulus check.


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