What A Cover Act

Episode 282

There it is, you see a post about one of your favorite bands in the whole world is coming to your town for a show. You grew up with their music, you have all of their records, it’s been years since you have seen them live. You are going to the show. When you get there you realize that not one member of the band on stage is from the original act. They sound the same. They sort of look the same. But they are playing music that is ostensibly not theirs. It belongs to the band. But, here we are at this show and we paid how much to see this cover act? In this episode, Ric talks about the business that is keeping the name alive of these classic rock acts all for the sake of selling tickets. Every member has been replaced though, but are they still the same? Also, the art of letting go. Plus, music from Tullie Brae.

NEXT WEEK: The 24 hour news cycle is making you dizzy. And it’s getting worse.

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