On The Air: A Rat As Big As A Four-Year-Old Boy

Written by on March 11, 2016

According to sources in London, UK, this beast is a 25 pound, 4 foot long rat. It was found dead in a playground near an apartment complex. The grinning fellow in the above shot is Tony Smith. He’s a gas engineer and was doing some work at the apartment complex when he came across this behemoth. “I’ve got a cat and a Jack Russel and it was bigger than both of those.”

He said the garbage cans get left open and these rats , part of an apparent infestation, eat pretty well. He claims they are living on a diet of fried chicken and rice. Good eats, indeed.


Yes, an expert has something to say about this nasty thing. Professor Jane Hurst at Liverpool University says there is a chance the angle of these pictures may be deceptive, making this beast appear larger than it really is. It’s all in the perspective. A misleading shot, if you will. But, she does go on to say there is also a good chance this specimen is actually a Gambian pouched rat. She knows this because you can tell “by the size of it’s large head.”

Gambian pouched rats are popular pets as they are very easy to tame. Professor Hurst went on to say, “It’s extremely unlikely this was not someone’s pet.”

Uh huh… As far as we can tell around here, this look more like the great British Nope Rat. Sweet dreams, people.

(photos credit: SWNS)

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