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Written by on January 7, 2015

Other people’s divorces can be oh so amusing. Especially when it involves people who are so unlike the rest of us. In this particular case, Sue Ann Arnall did something some of us around here can’t fathom. She turned down a check. Not just any check. A check written for what you might call an obscene amount of money.

Take a close look at this thing.

Just to be clear here, that check is written for the amount of $976,790,317.77! That is just shy of $1 billion.

As part of a divorce settlement, Sue Ann Arnall REJECTED this check from her ex-husband Harold Hamm who is the CEO of Continental Resources, an energy company. To be fair, Sue Ann is holding out because in the original November divorce settlement, she claimed Harold got to keep the bulk of the $13.5 billion fortune at stake here.

She turned down the fat check because, according to his attorney, “Ms. Arnall, through her counsel, stated that they were rejecting the . . . payment because Ms. Arnall did not want to risk the dismissal of her appeal by acceptance of the benefits.”

She’s holding out for more money, a California ranch and a home in Oklahoma plus other assets worth tens of millions of dollars more. She hopes to win all of that in  her appeal of the original divorce proceedings.

Which begs the question, you know why divorce is so expensive? Because, it’s worth it.

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