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We have all thought about it, especially if you have been to any court and have gotten screwed over, for whatever reason. A Florida woman now has officially filed a motion in a Federal Court that calls for a motion for the court to do something that would be rather interesting. For you lawyers out […]

You have heard us talking about this song from Memphis artist Dan Cunningham, now check out the video. This is a song that so many people seem to relate to for whatever reason. The video is absolutely wonderful. Enjoy!

During the Nooner today, Ric and Kate discussed the newest fad in China that is sweeping the country. Strippers at funerals. Apparently, the Chinese government has an issue with this practice. In Chinese culture, one who has a lot of mourners at their funeral will have good luck in the afterlife (like they need it). […]

Memphis funny man Mo Alexander is in the hospital. Like most Memphis entertainers he does not have any medical insurance and could use your help. A Go Fund Me has been set up HERE to help him out. There are also current updates to his condition at the link. In the meantime, here’s some free […]

The engineers at Boston Dynamics are at it again. These are the eggheads who brought you the four legged robotic dog looking killing machine that no one could knock over. Given enough time, they have now made serious advancements in the development of humanoid robots. This shit is probably going to haunt your nightmares. But […]

This might be the wrong week for you to have quit sniffing glue. When Airplane!¬†came out in 1980, it was released during a time when disaster movies were all the rage. So, it was natural to assume it was a parody of those films. Turns out, not so much. It is actually a spoof on […]

It’s easy to take the modern miracle of music acquisition for granted. In the 1950’s, before MP3s, streaming choices and cassette tapes getting music into the hands of real fans was a daunting task. Especially when it was banned in your country. Cold War U.S.S.R was no exception. Music from the decadent west was illegal. […]

Those of you who have tried to cut the cable from Comcast may have had a rough go of it during the process. But probably not as rough as Mr. and Mrs. Brown. Lisa & Ricardo Brown found themselves in a position where they needed to save a little money out of their monthly expenses. […]

Other people’s divorces can be oh so amusing. Especially when it involves people who are so unlike the rest of us. In this particular case, Sue Ann Arnall did something some of us around here can’t fathom. She turned down a check. Not just any check. A check written for what you might call an […]

Combing through the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s database of emergency room visits yields some interesting bits of data. In 2014, you people stuck some things in all your orifices. Here’s the list, starting from the top and working down. EAR – Nipple from a baby bottle – Soap – Glow stick – Air freshener […]

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