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Other people’s divorces can be oh so amusing. Especially when it involves people who are so unlike the rest of us. In this particular case, Sue Ann Arnall did something some of us around here can’t fathom. She turned down a check. Not just any check. A check written for what you might call an […]

Any visitor to Graceland has no doubt taken a tour of the famous planes once owned by the king. Over the past several months there has been some talk of the famous flyers being auctioned off to make room for renovations at the popular tourist site here. Now it seems to be coming true. Julien’s […]

Combing through the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s database of emergency room visits yields some interesting bits of data. In 2014, you people stuck some things in all your orifices. Here’s the list, starting from the top and working down. EAR – Nipple from a baby bottle – Soap – Glow stick – Air freshener […]

Get an f’d up cat. Grumpy Cat has made her owner nearly $100 million in less than 2 years. That is more than a lot of high paid celebrities out there. You might be surprised to know that Grumpy cat has a real name, Tardar Source (get it?) and she lives with her owner Tabatha […]

Our very own Dirty D got some well deserved international recognition from The Women’s International Music Network. The WiMN is an organization aimed at connecting women who work in the music and audio

This is Pomplamoose. They are an indie band who recently wrapped a 28 day tour. On that tour they pulled in $135,983 in revenue. The cost of the tour? $147,802. That is a loss of $11,819. 72% of their income came in the form of ticket sales. 22% came from merchandise and a sponsorship. Where […]

Since this article is geared to you ladies, we’ll just keep the theme here. Most of you musicians should be able to relate to this article as it is a handy guide for those who wish to pursue an intimate relationship with someone who is a musician. Number 12 is just good solid advice. You […]

In 1969, The ‘Cos talked about putting stuff in women’s beverages. Funny how 45 years later he has been accused of actually doing this horrid deed. Not once but some 13 women have come forward with similar tales. Recently, the 77 year old comic has cancelled appearances on late night TV shows and other appearances. […]

Booze & Blues will be having a great night of LIVE music in the studio. Ms. Zeno & Zeke Johnson will be performing on the air and you can hear it as it happens on this website. Just click the button on the left that says “LISTEN NOW”. It all happens at 8PM CST. It […]

It’s tough to be a girl at times. It’s even harder when you are a galactic princess. Take our friend Leia here. She spent 10 hours walking the streets of New York City. This video is a synopsis of what happened. The catcalling, the pickup lines, the animals. It’s hard out there for a princess. […]

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