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Every city has them. Some have more than others. Some cities are actually good at getting them fixed. Others, not so much. Take Manchester, England for example. They are so bad there that a certain half-mile long road has as many as 70 potholes. And they are apparently causing problems. One man who says a […]

The fine folks at DARPA, you know those eggheads who brought you all those nightmares with humanoid robots through Boston Dynamics, have brought something even more terrifying. A bullet you can steer. This thing can be fired by an expert or novice (or trained killing machine robot) that when fired and moves through the air, […]

We have all thought about it, especially if you have been to any court and have gotten screwed over, for whatever reason. A Florida woman now has officially filed a motion in a Federal Court that calls for a motion for the court to do something that would be rather interesting. For you lawyers out […]

You have heard us talking about this song from Memphis artist Dan Cunningham, now check out the video. This is a song that so many people seem to relate to for whatever reason. The video is absolutely wonderful. Enjoy!

During the Nooner today, Ric and Kate discussed the newest fad in China that is sweeping the country. Strippers at funerals. Apparently, the Chinese government has an issue with this practice. In Chinese culture, one who has a lot of mourners at their funeral will have good luck in the afterlife (like they need it). […]

Radio Memphis was proud to have Leo “Bud” Welch as a recent guest on Booze & Blues. One of the things we learned was about Leo’s dedication to keeping the blues genre alive in the schools. To pursue this endeavor, Leo and his band, Sabougla Voices are wanting to travel to schools all through the […]

It’s that time of the year again when celebrate the tiny lobster like goodness that is the crawfish! Come on down to the Overton Square Crawfish Festival Saturday, 11 April, 2015 from noon to 6:00PM (CDT) and get down to some delicious crawfish, beverages and live music. Radio Memphis will be broadcasting live from this […]

The documentary, Take Me To The River is all about the Memphis music scene. It’s a great look at the passing of the torch from the older generation of Memphis musicians to the younger talent in this great city. The Director of the film, Martin Shore and Lee Whitmore of the Berklee College of Music […]

Memphis funny man Mo Alexander is in the hospital. Like most Memphis entertainers he does not have any medical insurance and could use your help. A Go Fund Me has been set up HERE to help him out. There are also current updates to his condition at the link. In the meantime, here’s some free […]

The engineers at Boston Dynamics are at it again. These are the eggheads who brought you the four legged robotic dog looking killing machine that no one could knock over. Given enough time, they have now made serious advancements in the development of humanoid robots. This shit is probably going to haunt your nightmares. But […]

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