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At long last, Radio Memphis in The Afternoon is back with a new host. Brother Doug. Starting Monday, 20 July, 2015. Brother Doug leaves the Night-time Groove and slides in to the new popular time slot. He’ll be on the air Monday through Friday 2PM to 6PM CT following Radio Memphis in The Morning with […]

On this date in 2011, we went live. It was a big day for us. Our biggest fear at the time was whether the design of the station would even work. During the months of May and June of that year, we went through extensive testing of the system that Ric Chetter had designed. The […]

Coming up on Radio Memphis Around The World, we’ve got a big show planned for tomorrow 20 June, 2015! We’ll be spinning some the the best indie music from all genres from all across the globe. But, that’s not all, Dirty D has got the South Carolina band Noveil lined up for a phone interview […]

Photo: Getty The 9th of June would have been Les Paul’s 100th birthday. And to celebrate, 1 in 10 Gibson Les Paul guitars is free. Sort of. To celebrate Les’ birthday, Gibson has an offer that states by “giving everyone who purchases a 2015 Gibson USA guitar TODAY the chance to have the purchase price […]

The sport of kings, as it is called is notorious for making comparisons between horses old and young. Imagining races that could never be held. Take the latest Triple Crown winner, American Pharoah. What if, through some wild technology, we could imagine him running against the previous Triple Crown champ Secretariat? Well friends, that time […]

Surprisingly, this is an issue that some people just can’t seem to grasp. The beauty is, we’re here to help. Along with the guys at Blue Seat Studios. In this very clever bit of animation, you are going to learn about just what consent means. No means no. Or does it?   tea consent from […]

Picasso was an artist. He made paintings and got rather famous for his work. Every once in a while, one comes up for auction and when that happens, a LOT of money exchanges hands. Granted, most people could not fathom the idea of shelling out some serious cheese for a picture that would simply hang […]

In the midst of all the things we have seen in the news of late, it gives one a pause for a few moments to escape the madness and learn something new about how events shape our environment and our various inclinations to art. One thing standing out and being rubbed into all our faces […]

Here it is, Ric sat down with the subject of his recent show (Ep: 64) and samples the beer he found. Though not scientific by any means, it is a fairly decent take on the classic beer taste test. It is recommended you give the audio episode a listen before going on. Yes, there will […]

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