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Our friends with Lucero have an unmistakable sound. How do they do it? Premier Guitar sent Chris Kies to catch up with the ever touring band and uploaded this fantastic video. In it, Chris talks with Brian Venable, Ben Nichols and John C. Stubblefield about their respective rigs. If you are a working musician or […]

If it is one thing we all like around here, it’s a little bit of history. It’s a chance for us to remember our roots. A chance to spend a brief moment or two with the ghosts of the past and relive some precious moments. Here’s one we have all fallen in love with. This […]

If this is anything to go by, brother got some beats. If he could do this during his televangelism work (on command) the money would roll right on in. Original music using the voice of televangelist Robert Tilton by Pogo.

Trumpet player and founding member of The Bar-Kays, Ben Cauley has passed away. He was 67. Ben Cauley was one of the key players in the Memphis music sound coming from Stax in the 60’s. The Bar-Kays put that sound and the city of Memphis on the map. But there is more to the story. […]

(As heard on Radio Memphis In The Morning) – Okay, so the headline is a little misleading. Or, is it? In a tale often told in the history of the King and being accused of urban legend, this sandwich was thrust into the pantheon of history and it’s somewhat famous association with Elvis Presley. This […]

If you have been living under a rock somewhere, you may not have heard about the Memphis Blues Society and their inaugural blues festival coming to Overton Square this fall. This is a big deal. A very big deal. Here are SOME of the scheduled performers for this year’s festival; Kenny Brown, Barbara Blue, Vince […]

Radio Memphis has hooked up with our friends at Project Independent for another tour of tremendous indie bands. Yes, they are coming to Memphis in the very near future. Just keep listening to Radio Memphis for all the tour info. Monday nights at 8:30PM Central, Dirty D will having a little chat with Moni Parra […]

October 2 & 3 in Overton Square, the  much anticipated Bona Fide Blues Festival will be happening. This is the festival put on by the Memphis Blues Society and they could really use your help. Here is an awesome chance for you to attend the festival free of charge while being a part of this […]

The Center for Southern Folklore has their 29th annual Memphis Music & Heritage Festival September 5th and 6th from 11:00 AM to 11:00PM and they are looking for volunteers. This is your chance to not only see the festival but get up and close with the show itself. They are looking for volunteers for either […]

Great friend of Radio Memphis and the founder of The OAM Network of podcasts, Gil Worth invited Ric & Kate to appear on The Game Show Podcast. This Memphis based podcast network has a whole slate of shows recorded here in Memphis. The Game Show Podcast is as it sounds. Gil brings in various people […]

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