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Our friend and local musician William Charles from Weekend Vlogger stopped into our studios and shot some video. Here is the story he did on Radio Memphis. Go to the link above and check out all the videos they are putting together about Memphis and other cool things happening in our city. Thanks, guys!

Not to be glib, but this is pretty serious. Your internet experience is about to change. Right now, the Federal Communications Commission is about to dismantle Net Neutrality rules originally put in to protect your rights as a consumer of all things on the internet. Net Neutrality guarantees that all websites, no matter what their […]

Jackson, Tennessee band Jupiter Stone has a song in regular rotation at Radio Memphis. It’s called She Gave Me Ghosts. These guys are rapidly becoming a west Tennessee favorite. From the EP School Nights, here’s the video of the song you might have heard on Radio Memphis. Check them out online HERE. And on Facebook […]

Pirate Radio Studios, Inc. announces the opening of Pirate Radio Recording Studios. Located in the same suite of studios as Radio Memphis, this spot continues the long history of being a recording studio in the famed Emmons Building at 4745 Poplar Avenue. It started with Twilight Recording in the early 1960s. Since then, Leeway Recording […]

In 1947, in Roswell, New Mexico, Joel Martin came to Earth. It was an exploratory mission, but something went wrong. He was never able to go “home”, wherever that is. Nonetheless, Joel found himself with Radio Memphis. We could not be happier. At the time of the crash, Joel got injured. After some medical care, […]

We all know him. Hell, we’ve all been him at one point or another. And it’s not just a guy thing, there are plenty of ladies out there who have been that guy, as well. In our ongoing effort to help out humanity (as best as we can), Radio Memphis in the Morning started the […]

Part of Radio Memphis in the Morning is a little bit called Tips For Teens. At it’s core is the simple fact these tips are wholly inappropriate. However, there have been a few delivered where some of them actually were kind of accurate and perhaps warranted. This little bit started quite some time ago and […]

New music in rotation now at Radio Memphis. Great song and great video. Eddie Dattel & Five Empty Pockets. From Inside Sounds. Bonus Video: Trickle Down Blues – Eddie Dattel & Five Empty Pockets also from Inside Sounds.

It’s not a true Radio Memphis party until the blues musicians show up. That is exactly what will be happening. Ric & Jeff will take the air around 6:30PM CT when they will be talking with Radio Memphis in the Morning co-host Kate Lucas who is calling in from the road. Also joining them is […]

Gaze deeply into the crystal ball. Or, whatever balls you have handy, and prepare to be amazed… or entertained at the very least. Psychic Medium Bo Man Eye will amaze and delight you live on the air this Saturday night when he pulls back the thin veil between life and the afterlife to tell you […]

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