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Ghost Town Blues Band has a new album in the works called Hard Road To Hoe. They are asking for your help to get it finished. The video at the link is hilarious and when you see it, you’ll just want to dig deep and give these guys some money. You could wind up owning […]

You kids and your hateful energy drinks. You are all going straight to hell. Seriously, this woman had some spare time on her hands and decided to take a closer look. What is funny to us is her discovery of the word MILF on the case. We would have loved to have been there to […]

Tonight on Booze & Blues, Crush and Smokin’ Joe from The Delta Crush Band will be calling in to give us an update on the new additions they’ve made to the band, the upcoming album, and their performance on Saturday, November 15th

Ric Chetter is taking over Radio Memphis in the morning and returning to morning radio for the first time since the Ric & Bad Dog show with the the legendary John “Bad Dog” McCormack. Tune in every weekday morning from 9AM – Noon Central and listen while Ric and Jeff dissect pop culture, the news, […]

Every Saturday Dirty Dee brings you the best in independent music from outside the Mid-South area. We’re constantly getting new music submitted to us from

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