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Part of Radio Memphis in the Morning is a little bit called Tips For Teens. At it’s core is the simple fact these tips are wholly inappropriate. However, there have been a few delivered where some of them actually were kind of accurate and perhaps warranted. This little bit started quite some time ago and […]

New music in rotation now at Radio Memphis. Great song and great video. Eddie Dattel & Five Empty Pockets. From Inside Sounds. Bonus Video: Trickle Down Blues – Eddie Dattel & Five Empty Pockets also from Inside Sounds.

It’s not a true Radio Memphis party until the blues musicians show up. That is exactly what will be happening. Ric & Jeff will take the air around 6:30PM CT when they will be talking with Radio Memphis in the Morning co-host Kate Lucas who is calling in from the road. Also joining them is […]

Gaze deeply into the crystal ball. Or, whatever balls you have handy, and prepare to be amazed… or entertained at the very least. Psychic Medium Bo Man Eye will amaze and delight you live on the air this Saturday night when he pulls back the thin veil between life and the afterlife to tell you […]

Saturday night before Halloween, It’s A Radio Memphis Halloween Special! This little throwdown has become an annual tradition with the station as we take our live performances and put them on the air from the confines of our studios. Check out the above poster for more of the details. Tundrea, Averill, Gerald and Edna will […]

Short of bobbing for beer, this is going to be a large time! The Fifth Annual It’s Radio Memphis Halloween Special will be starting at 10AM with the DJ Bay Radio Show and following that, Dirty D takes the air with a special manifestation from The Curbfeelers! This will be their very first appearance on […]

The annual tradition of the Radio Memphis Halloween Celebration is set to happen in our studios and on the air this Saturday starting at 10AM. Live music, special guests and who knows what all we’ll be scaring up. It’s an all day and all night Halloween party sure to amuse. You can tune in by […]

The movement to “decriminalize” the possession of small amounts of marijuana in the city of Memphis needed 7 votes from the Memphis City Council to pass. Tuesday night, in a vote of 7 – 6 the ordinance was accepted. It certainly opens more doors to further discussion. Does this actually legalize the possession of any […]

The follow up to the huge “Drink Up!” record is in the pre-production phase. The Eric Hughes Band is busy putting together some fantastic songs for their forthcoming “La Bluesicana” and they could use your help. Here’s how. Take a look at THIS link and see what you can do to help make this album […]

After five years of streaming along the ocean of the internet by hook or by crook, Radio Memphis has upgraded the listener/viewer experience. In recent months, we have upgraded our output signal with the installation of new processors and soundcards. Those changes have allowed us to bring you our signal in some serious high quality […]

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