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The famed Royal Studios made their announcement and the future of Memphis music has a new label. Royal Records. Radio Memphis was in attendance and broadcasting live for the big event as well as many local musicians, recording industry people and fans of all sorts. This is a good thing for Memphis and for our […]

Long time Memphis artists Lahna Deering and The Reverend Neil Down have new music for you. River City is their latest offering teasing the sights of Memphis with their unique Memphis sound. This duo is rapidly becoming a serious part of the Memphis sound. Scratch that… they ARE indicative of the Memphis sound. Radio Memphis […]

Imagine being in a punk rock band in a land where sharia law is enforced. Musicians get arrested, beaten and demoralized over their art and musical statements. It happens in part of Indonesia, the world’s largest Islamic nation. Here, punk rock lives in the shadows and on the streets where religious fundamentalists and political authorities […]

Listen for this song in regular rotation at Radio Memphis.

Okay, maybe he is doing it wrong. Then again, this is wrong on a few levels. Seattle, WA police are on the lookout for a masturbating ninja. It all started back in January when a woman spotted the stealthy dude outside her home near the University. Several calls to the police regarding this sneak have […]

Thanks to genetic engineering, scientists have been tinkering with chicken embryos to re-create a certain dinosaur, namely the famed Tyrannosaurus Rex. To be fair, the common chicken we know today is a direct relative of the big lizard. Their bone structure proves that theory. In the past, Chilean scientists manipulated chicken embryos to put reptilian […]

Now that all the world’s problems have been solved apparently, a UK bookie wanted to see about making a fashion statement around the track. Yes, that is a 3 piece suit complete with hat for this horse. The Cheltenham Festival is about to start in Great Britain. This festival features racehorses from all around and […]

A couple of enterprising Russians trying to get ahead of the financial crisis currently sweeping their country have a rather successful startup on their hands. TittyGram. Yes, you read that right. The way it works is you would go to their website and for $15 you can pick a model (male or female), send in […]

According to sources in London, UK, this beast is a 25 pound, 4 foot long rat. It was found dead in a playground near an apartment complex. The grinning fellow in the above shot is Tony Smith. He’s a gas engineer and was doing some work at the apartment complex when he came across this […]

Those of you in Memphis who have spent any time watching WKNO-TV (PBS) have surely encountered the voice and face of Jim Eikner. Mr. Eikner passed away today after a brief illness at the age of 82. Jim Eikner was the perfect representative of Memphis Public Broadcasting. He was an artist himself. A fan of […]

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